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Establishing and implementing effective Master Data governance is a challenge. It requires defining policies, procedures, and guidelines for data management, ensuring compliance with regulations, and involving other areas and stakeholders.

Data Quality

Ensuring data quality is an ongoing challenge. Master Data managers face issues such as incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent, or outdated data. Strategies for data cleansing, validation, and standardization need to be implemented to improve data quality.

Cultural Change

Cultural change is a requirement in implementing Master Data management. MD managers raise awareness about the importance of Master Data, educate about best management practices, and promote a culture of data responsibility and quality.


The success of Master Data management requires collaboration and coordination across different departments and areas. Working together with IT teams, business teams, data specialists, and other stakeholders ensures a cohesive and consistent approach.


The evolution of data management technologies is a challenge. Master Data managers keep up with trends, best practices, select technological solutions, and assess their impact on master data.

How we help you overcome your main challenges?

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Watch our video and embark on an inspiring journey as a Master Data Manager. Learn about our MDM platform, expertise, and passion for data, driving excellence in your organization. Get ready to be amazed because the future of your data starts here!

"The partnership between Jacto and 4MDG has brought numerous benefits to our company. Through the incorporation of automation in our customer and supplier registration center, we experienced a significant transformation in our operations, with increased efficiency, productivity, and quality. Furthermore, the close collaboration and continuous support from the 4MDG team strengthened our relationships with customers, driving our growth and competitiveness in the market. We are grateful for this strategic partnership and excited to explore new opportunities together."
Daniel Logino
Financial Analyst

How our methodology contributes to overcoming challenges

Our SaaS software, specialized implementation methodology, and passion for data form the perfect tripod to drive the success of your MDM program.


We are the only software in Brazil built for the cloud, meaning it is not an adaptation of an old on-premise application. Designed to easily integrate with the leading market ERPs and customizable for your company.


Our MDM implementation methodology is proven. A carefully developed project approach guided by best practices ensures an efficient implementation with tangible and high-impact results.

for Data

Just like you, we are passionate about data. At 4MDG, the passion for data drives us every day. From the moment we wake up until bedtime, we are immersed in the search for valuable insights and strategic information that can transform your business.

Solve all your data management challenges with a powerful and comprehensive MDM software

Our solution is the key to simplify, unify, and optimize your processes, empowering you to take full control of your data. Discover the power of the 4MDG MDM platform.

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"The 4MDG software presented an automated integration model between departments and with SAP, complying with security standards. As a result, we experienced several benefits, including improved governance, management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for materials and clients, automation of queries to public agencies on behalf of clients, traceability of information, involvement of relevant departments in the process with approval, centralized management of the company's master data, among others."
4MDG - Depoimentos - Daniela Majzoub - Softys (1)
Daniela Majzoub
ASAP Manager
4MDG - Depoimentos - Softys 1 (1)

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The project implementation methodology of 4MDG is the right path to success

With a structured and best-practice-oriented approach, we guarantee an efficient and seamless implementation. Our specialized team is ready to guide every step of the process, from planning to full adoption of the solution.

Unlock the true potential of your company with strategic Master Data collaboration


Governance →

Manage complex systems and rigorous regulations, driving business decisions and staying ahead of the competition.


Data Management →

Generate product descriptions based on company-established rules. Allow your organization to identify, classify, and set parameters for the materials used in your logistics.


4MDG Software →

Optimize the flow of internal and external data in your company by sharing the necessary information through efficient workflows.


Consulting →

Enhance data governance with our specialized consulting. We have Experts with advanced approaches and efficient practices to help your company establish a solid governance framework.

Experience in all segments

In our journey as an MDM provider, we are proud to deeply understand and serve the main market segments. We work in partnership with leading companies in different markets, providing proven results and driving our clients’ success.

Consumer and basic goods industry
Oil & gas

We take Security and Privacy Violations very seriously

At 4MDG, data security and privacy are top priorities. We are fully committed to protecting your information and ensuring compliance with the strictest security standards. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to identify and mitigate risks by implementing advanced and constantly updated security measures. With our proactive approach and innovative solutions, you can trust that your data is in secure hands. Count on us to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your data, allowing you to focus on what you do best: maximizing the value of your data.

We will help you with some tips to evaluate and purchase a Master Data Management (MDM) solution

The purchase of a Master Data Management (MDM) solution involves several steps and important considerations. Here are some steps that a master data manager can follow when purchasing an MDM solution:

Evaluate needs and objectives

Before starting the purchasing process, it is essential to understand the specific needs of your organization regarding master data management. Identify the main challenges, goals, and requirements that the MDM solution should meet. Consider factors such as scale, data complexity, integration with existing systems, and regulatory requirements.

Research MDM vendors

Conduct thorough research on available MDM solution vendors in the market. Evaluate their experiences, history, reputation, product portfolio, offered resources, and services. Also, consider the solution’s compatibility with existing technologies and systems in the organization.

Request proposals and make comparisons

Contact the selected vendors and request proposals for the MDM solution. Ensure that you provide clear information about the organization’s requirements and goals. Compare the received proposals, considering the offered features, costs, implementation time, post-implementation support, and overall suitability of the solution to the organization’s needs.

Conduct assessments and demonstrations

Schedule assessments and demonstrations with the vendors that fit the organization’s requirements. This allows you to see the solution in action, assess its usability, features, and capabilities. It also involves interacting with the vendor’s team to clarify doubts and gain a deeper understanding of the solution.

Consider total cost of ownership (TCO)

In addition to the initial cost of the MDM solution, consider the total cost of ownership. This includes ongoing expenses such as maintenance, support, training, and updates. Evaluate the long-term financial viability of the solution.

Seek references and research the vendor

Contact the vendor’s current clients and request references to gain insights into their experience with the MDM solution and the support provided by the vendor. Additionally, research the vendor’s reputation in the market to verify if they have a solid and trustworthy track record.

Make an informed decision

After evaluating all the collected information, carefully consider the pros and cons of each option. Take into account the organization’s needs, solution compatibility, total cost of ownership, vendor reputation, and customer experience. Make an informed decision based on all these aspects.

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Our clients have, in addition to an updated and powerful tool at their disposal, award-winning technical support and constant service monitoring for quick, practical, and secure implementations. Check out some opinions from those who already work with 4MDG.

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