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Discover the power of Master Data Management to transform your business

Imagine having access to a treasure trove of accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information about your customers, suppliers, products, and employees. This is the key to making informed strategic decisions, identifying valuable opportunities, and enhancing the efficiency of internal processes.

What you need to know about governance

If you are seeking to ensure the quality, consistency, integrity, and availability of Master Data, managing this information through essential practices and processes is crucial for your company. Master Data consists of fundamental information shared and used by various corporate systems and departments, encompassing info about customers, suppliers, products, employees, and so on.

Without data governance , there´s no success in the market

To achieve success in business, it is essential to address internal issues strategically. Besides having a qualified team, it is indispensable to adopt software that provides the necessary support and expertise, such as the one offered by 4MDG.


of organizations experience impacts due to low data quality


attribute their mistrust of information to human error


state that the large volume of data hinders optimized management

SOURCE: Serasa Experian, Global Data Quality Research, 2019

4MDG specializes in helping companies automate their master data process. We perform a detailed diagnosis, gather requirements, and implement processes and a platform integrated with ERP for database management. We employ advanced technologies, such as low-code, AI, and big data, to provide agile and scalable solutions. Count on us to boost your Master Data Governance with efficiency and impactful results.

When you implement data governance, you achieve...

50% improvement

in Customer experience.

45% improvement

in Business decisions.

44% increase

in innovations.

What Data is Part of Master Data Management

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Com certeza você deseja criar o seu registro único onde todos os dados serão absorvidos por todos os seus sistemas. Melhor que isso é quando ele mantém uma cópia fiel e integra todas as áreas da sua organização.

Understand how 4MDG can drive your business!

With 4MDG as your partner, you will have a comprehensive and personalized solution to drive master data management in your company, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Stop wasting time dealing with data management challenges. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your business.

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