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We can update your master data with more than 200 public and private sources, as well as obtain additional information such as phone numbers and contact persons.

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Enhance the Quality of your Suppliers with 4MDG Data Cleansing!

Supplier data cleansing is the key to keeping your supplier list tidy and enhanced. This practice includes identifying and correcting inaccuracies, eliminating duplicate and obsolete records, as well as standardizing and enriching existing information regarding your suppliers. Through 4MDG‘s data cleansing approach and solutions, you will build a robust database, boosting your supplier management, purchasing, and operations strategies with confidence and efficiency.

Do you want to run your company based on data, but don't trust it?

Accurate, up-to-date, and error-free data are essential for making informed strategic decisions, improving operational efficiency, minimizing risks, and ensuring long-term success for an organization. Data cleansing ensures that the information on which the company relies is solid and reliable, which is essential in any sector or field of activity.

How it works

Reasons to perform Data Cleansing

Risk Reduction and Compliance

Supplier data cleansing allows for the identification of high-risk suppliers, ensuring that your company complies with regulations and ethical standards. This helps to avoid legal penalties, damage to reputation, and disruptions in operations.


Operational Efficiency

By eliminating duplicate or inactive suppliers, as well as correcting inconsistencies in supplier data, you optimize internal processes, saving time and resources. This results in more efficient operations and reduced operational costs. Enrichment from more than 200 data sources (e.g., Brazil´s Federal Revenue, Ministry of Labor, etc.).


Improvement of Quality and Performance

Supplier data cleansing enhances the quality of supplier-related data, allowing for better performance analysis, enabling stronger and collaborative partnerships, promoting growth, and customer satisfaction.


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