Our Story

4MDG was born in 2017 with the purpose of automating and centralizing the master data to address issues related to lack of standardization and manual validation of customer and supplier records, bringing agility and efficiency to the corporate environment with innovative software. We have accumulated multiple success stories in medium and large enterprises.

Paulo Cordeiro, CEO, identifies the market's need for quality master data.

  • 2017

The year that software development began.

  • 2018

The company acquires its first clients. In this same year, César Coelho joined the team of partners as CTO.

  • 2019

A remarkable year, with revenues quadrupling. Furthermore, Flávio Souza joined the team of partners as CPO.

  • 2020

Acquisition of new customers despite a challenging pandemic year, with an 85% increase in revenue compared to the previous year.

  • 2021

Growth in revenue, customers and employees. With the beginning of the first international projects.

  • 2022

We continue making history! Come be a part of this transformation too.

  • 2023

Reasons to Choose 4MDG!

With advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, our software offers a comprehensive solution to standardize and automate the master data process. It allows companies to collect, store, and manage data consistently, eliminating errors and inconsistencies that may arise from manually entering information.

4MDG Principles


Our mission is to provide customized solutions to our clients, aiming at cost reduction, automation, and continuous process improvement. Through our innovative platform, we seek to help companies optimize their operations, achieve greater efficiency, and drive their growth.


Our vision is to build scalable, configurable, and user-friendly technological solutions that meet the highest quality requirements in the market. We strive to be a reference in innovation, offering tools that promote the digital transformation of companies and drive their success in an increasingly competitive environment.


We value people, processes, and technology as fundamental pillars for success. We believe in customer-focused work, resilience, and creating lasting bonds. Our commitment is to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, promoting excellence and satisfaction in all aspects of our operations.

Leadership, Experience, and Excellence

4MDG is the leading Master Data Governance company in Latin America. This is the result of the daily work of a team of highly specialized professionals with extensive experience in MDM and with a mission: to provide 4MDG clients with robust, reliable, and sustainable governance so that their businesses can grow safely and permanently.

Paulo Cordeiro CEO
Specialized in SAP project management, with vast experience in system implementation and maintenance. Certifications in SAP IS Retail, ABAP, and Workflow. He founded 4MDG and is a content producer dedicated to master data. Has over 30 implementation projects, serving 60 clients.
César Coelho CTO
SAP specialist with solid experience in Master Data Governance. His expertise encompasses corporate data management systems and processes, along with skills in defining policies and guidelines for effective management. This enables valuable insights and expert support to ensure data integrity and quality within organizations.
Flávio Souza CPO
Master data specialist with extensive experience in project management and team leadership in large global companies. Co-founder of 4MDG and certified in SAP MM, Flavio is dedicated to promoting governance and standardization of master data. With his experience in ERP implementation projects and serving various clients, he offers customized solutions to optimize your master data processes.

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