Data Migration

Do not proceed with migrating your data to a new ERP before cleaning up your data!

For the ERP to function properly, it is essential that your master data are correct and intact.

Customer, supplier, and product data are crucial for informed decision-making. Modern ERPs demand high-quality registrations, and the entire transactional process requires good master data consistency.

Don't be part of the statistics!

According to the 2019 Global Data Management Report, 95% of companies experience business impacts due to the low quality of their data, and 29% of them suspect that customer data is inadequate in some way.

How do we fix your customer and supplier data?

See how we can clean and organize your customer and supplier database:


We analyze your current database for errors or incomplete data.


We seek official data (We can obtain information directly from government websites).


We analyze the financial situation of your customer or supplier (Serasa, Boa Vista, and others).

Correct data

We discover the correct phone numbers and emails.

Private data

We obtain private data through phone calls.


We standardize and transform the data.

How do we solve your material master data problems?

A good material registration, besides providing intangible benefits such as improved governance, business insights generation, and compliance with government regulations, can also reduce your company's costs.

According to the 2020 Global Data Management Report, 85% of companies claim to see data as the most valuable asset for their business.

Having a complete, consistent, and intact registration increases organizational productivity.

In broad terms, Material Descriptive Standardization (PDM) allows your registration to be organized in a practical and consistent manner. The goal is to create consistent material descriptions based on pre-established rules, eliminating duplications.

Using a pre-established structure of characteristics and values, new descriptions are formed based on rules, leaving no room for the use of unforeseen terms.

During this process, it is also common to review the NCM classification of your products, avoiding incorrect tax payments.


Rubber ring 4.55 x 2

After →

  • Ring 0
  • EPDM
  • 70SHA
  • 4,5 x 2mm

After →

  • Ring 0
  • Material: EPDM rubber
  • Hardness: 70 SHA
  • Internal diameter: 4.5 mm
  • Section diameter: 2 mm

After →

  • Ring 0
  • Material: EPDM rubber
  • Hardness: 70 SHA
  • Internal diameter: 4.5 mm
  • Section diameter: 2 mm
  • Manufacturer reference: Vedabras-0010555

NCM> 4016.93.00 – Rubber and its works – Other works of unhardened vulcanized rubber – Others: Joints, gaskets, and similar

How to use an MDM software to migrate your data to the new ERP!

One of the stages of an ERP upgrade or implementation project is called ‘DATA MIGRATION,’ where data is extracted from the previous system and added to the new one.

Many times, companies only extract the old data and directly place them in the new system, forgetting to check if they are correct or adapted for the new version.

A smarter process is to take advantage of this phase to organize, clean, and complete the data before moving them to the new system.

4MDG can extract information from the old system, apply sanitation rules, automatically search for information on the internet, and deliver the data in the correct format for the new ERP version.

Saneamento de clientes e fornecedores

Padronização descritiva de produtos

Consultoria de Migração

Dados corrigidos e atualizados

Sanitation of customers and suppliers

Migration Consulting

Descriptive standardization of products

Corrected and updated data

We are SAP experts!

Discover 4MDG's excellence in master data migration consultancy for the innovative SAP universe. Our team of highly committed experts ensures a seamless transition, backed by a track record of proven successes. Using advanced technologies, we guarantee quality data and a triumphant SAP implementation, free of obstacles.

Our flexible and personalized approach adapts to your unique needs, placing your objectives at the forefront. We deeply understand the challenges that migrating to SAP can bring, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions perfectly aligned with your organization’s strategy. Join us for a successful and strategically guided migration journey.

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