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Our role is to identify and resolve issues with your data before they become major challenges!

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Now you have a partner to structure your central registry, involving engaged people, well-defined processes, with the best technology available in the global market. 4MDG will help you achieve your business objectives:

Improve the quality of your data

Ensure compliance with your registration operations

Implement an efficient registration center

Operate under the principles of master data governance

Stages of Our Consultancy

To implement optimized registration processes, it is essential to undertake a series of initiatives to understand how master data flows and is processed in your company. We use the PPT method: people, processes, and technology! Check out all the phases of our consultancy.


In this stage, we identify the main problems found during the analysis of current processes, based on interviews, technical visits, and document reading.

AS-IS and TO-BE Mapping

We outline all current registration flows (AS-IS), identifying the main problems or occurrences. We develop the new optimized flows (TO-BE).

Roles and Responsibilities

We identify the main agents of the registration flow and their current responsibilities, which employees should take on new prerogatives, and also which new positions should be created in the organizational chart.

Definition of KPIs

We define the indicators that will be used to measure the new registration process.

Definition of SLA

For the three main master data (clients, products, and suppliers), we define the appropriate deadlines for completing the registration process.

Central Model

We support in the technical choice of which central registration model will be adopted by the organization.

Central's Flowchart

The flowchart indicates who will be responsible for ensuring the orchestration of master data within the company. Each indicated position will contain the expected skills and responsibilities.


We support in defining when master data should be inactivated in computerized systems.

Standardization Rules

Definition of which standardization techniques will be adopted.

Background Check

Definition of which public and/or private sources will be used to ensure the integrity of suppliers and clients.

Action Plan

Final report with a list of actions to be undertaken by the company, aiming at structuring its registration center.

Proven experience, advanced technology, and exceptional support

4MDG is the strategic choice to drive your company's success through Master Data Management (MDM).

We are your partners in the pursuit of effective master data management. With vast experience in data governance, our innovative approach, supported by advanced technologies, automates processes and optimizes efficiency. We tailor solutions to your unique needs, while our qualified team provides ongoing support, ensuring quality and success in your MDM projects. Join 4MDG and elevate your data management to a new level.

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