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How RANDONCORP, a leading global transportation company, reduced registration time from 5 days to 1 day with 4MDG

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Initial Challenges

Before joining 4MDG, the company faced a series of challenges in the registration and expansion of materials process. Duplicates, generic descriptions, lack of automation, validation, and delays in registration were common. Additionally, the absence of a service level agreement (SLA) and the need for extensive rework made the process ineffective.

Reason for Hiring

In search of an efficient and flexible solution, RANDONCORP found 4MDG, which offered competitive cost and the ability to meet specific needs. “The autonomy offered by the tool was also essential, allowing us to add new centers without constantly relying on system support,” said José Paulo Silva – MDM Analyst.

Implemented Solutions

We implemented a robust Governance of Indirect Materials. With our methodology, we addressed central issues, bringing order and efficiency to the registration and expansion of materials process.

Overcome Challenges

One of the challenges the company faced was communicating the intrinsic value of a well-established registration governance to its internal and external audience. “Dealing with a large volume of registrations was another difficulty, requiring solid strategies for effective management,” said José Paulo Silva – MDM Analyst.

“We revolutionized our materials registration flow. With automation, expansions that used to take days are now completed in minutes. The positive feedback from our audience is rewarding, highlighting the speed and efficiency of registrations. Our teams also benefited, thanks to automations and validations that reduced efforts. The adoption of the SLA brought control, ensuring deadlines were met. We are proud of these achievements that boost our productivity.”

Jose Paulo Silva Santos

Jose Paulo Silva Santos

Representative of Randoncorp

Concrete Results

The transformation was remarkable. The results speak for themselves. A process that previously took 5 days for material expansion is now automated and completed in 1 day (and in many materials, this time is reduced to 60 minutes).


Before (5 days)


After (1 day)

Time Gain = ((Time Before – Time After) / Time Before) * 100

Time Gain = ((7200 – 1440) / 7200) * 100 ≈ 80%

With the reduction of time from 5 days to 1 day, the team achieved an 80% time gain. This means that the new process is approximately 80% faster than the previous process, representing a significant improvement in process efficiency.

Automations and validations significantly reduced the effort required for releasing registrations, allowing teams to focus on more valuable tasks. In addition to the adoption of the SLA, which now provides visibility over deadlines, ensuring a more agile and responsive process.


Thanks to the partnership with 4MDG, RANDONCORP managed to overcome significant challenges in the registration and expansion of materials process. The transformation resulted in a more efficient operation, positive feedback, and the ability to measure and constantly improve process effectiveness. Together, we have achieved a new standard of operational excellence that continues to drive our success.

These advancements are the result of integrated, customized work focused on the client

At 4MDG, the process optimization and master data management work is led by an experienced team specialized in each client, creating specific solutions for each project.

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