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How a leading player in the private sanitation sector in Brazil improved its vendor experience and governance using 4MDG

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Initial Challenges

Before hiring 4MDG, the company faced significant challenges related to supplier registration. There was no established process for handling this need, resulting in inefficiencies and a lack of standardization.

Reason for Hiring

Comparing solutions in the market, the corporation chose 4MDG due to its strong alignment with the technical requirements of the project, effective communication with the sales and technical teams, and the ability to automate processes.

Implemented Solutions

Through the partnership with 4MDG, crucial solutions were implemented, such as Supplier Governance and the creation of the Supplier Pre-Registration Portal.

Challenges Overcome

During the project, the challenge was to create a viable process for both internal and external suppliers, facilitating the intention of service. For those involved in the project, the implementation of an automated pre-registration process was crucial and resulted in secure data governance.

“The automation of the process, with reliable data from secure government sources, was a crucial advantage.”

Master Data Coordinator

Concrete Results

There was a significant improvement in the registration process’s speed and the creation of unified processes for all users, resulting in a significant reduction in errors due to automation.

The experience was excellent, with a dedicated team of consultants willing to help. There was a knowledge transfer plan for the tool and effective access governance (EAG), resulting in reduced SLA.

Improvements in processes, increased compliance, process automation, improved operational efficiency, enhanced communication, information integration, performance monitoring, reduced errors and failures, internal process agility, and process standardization were all noteworthy.


The role of 4MDG was crucial for a successful transformation in the company’s vendor management, generating tangible benefits and driving operational efficiency. The concrete results not only reflect operational improvement but also a substantial change in the efficiency and quality of vendor registration-related processes. The partnership not only met the initial expectations, but exceeded them, especially considering the project’s urgency.

These advancements are the result of integrated, customized work focused on the client

At 4MDG, the process optimization and master data management work is led by an experienced team specialized in each client, creating specific solutions for each project.

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